Our Team

To be able to accommodate the many different requirements of our customers, we count on an unbeatable combination of specialists and all-around talents. Here you can find out who is going to ring your doorbell.

Anthony Earley, Owner and Founder

Anthony founded Kingsbury Handyman Services and built his reputation on quality work and efficiency. Until he gives his stamp of approval, our mission is not complete.

FirstName LastName, Electrician

Pete has been working for Kingsbury Handyman Services for 4 years and is the team leader for all electrical-related work. He will advise you on how to best design the electric setup inside and outside your home and coordinate the work of his team.

FirstName LastName, Interior Design and Paint Jobs

Maria is a perfectionist and responsible for all design-related work involving colors. She will assist you in selecting the right colors and always has some good ideas about how to give your home that special touch.

FirstName LastName, Tiles

Todd is the professional for anything to do with tiles. Todd’s ideas and implementations are always excellent, be it in your bathroom or other places you would have never even thought of.